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CivicPlus Platform Overview


The CivicPlus Platform allows us to enable municipalities to engage with citizens and other departments, help municipalities streamline their processes, and enable deep solutions to make government work better. We continually add new functionality and features to the platform in order to further connect your solutions, which reduces the need for data entry, and allows efficiencies to be gained through connectivity between your CivicPlus products and your other systems.

Current Features

  • Consolidation: Single Sign-On (SSO) to all your products
  • Ease of Access: Easily access all your products from one dashboard or the toolbar
  • Strengthened Security: Strengthened password and user security
  • API Access: Access to a continually growing set of APIs in order to better connect your organization's processes

Benefits of the Platform

  • Scalability: The ability to scale out as needed to supply demand
  • Maintainability: The ability to change and enhance implementation without affecting other parts of the system; utilization of good design principle coupled with versioning.
  • Testability: The ability to independently test the component for functional, load, performance, and integration
  • Connected: Seamless data flow between software suites eliminates the need for extra data entry between systems (coming in a future release)
  • Extensible: Easily extend the CivicPlus platform; leverage APIs to connect the platform with other systems. 


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