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The toolbar that appears upon signing in to your CivicEngage website’s administrative portal has been redesigned to enable easy navigation between our product solutions and to conveniently access your new CivicPlus Platform dashboard.



  • A clickable CivicEngage icon will appear at the top left of the toolbar. This is referred to as the product drop-down in the toolbar. Click this icon to present a product drop-down menu. All CivicPlus software solutions for which the user has access will appear in the drop-down menu.
  • The Homepage button will direct you to your site's homepage.
  • Dashboard will take you to your Admin Home Page
  • Select Modules to receive a drop-down menu of all of your available modules
  • Click on the envelope icon to see your messages
  • User Information is where your name appears on the right. This area is where you can access your account settings and be able to sign out.
  • The Help menu will take you to our Help Center or to where you can check our system status for performance.

For assistance on the CivicEngage solution, please visit our CivicEngage Help Center.

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