Two-Factor Authentication


When you enable Two-Factor Authentication, you will have to use your password and a verification code (sent via email) in order to successfully log in.

Important Notes

  • CivicPlus recommends that every user enables Two-Factor Authentication for security.
  • This is now available at the organization level.


  1. Log into the system
  2. Select User > Settings
  3. Select the checkbox for Enable Two Factor Authentication
  4. Select Submit
    • Note: When enabled, a verification code will be emailed to you that must be entered upon signing in.
  5. Select Yes or No to log out now, in order for changes to immediately take effect

Note: After you enable Two-Factor Authentication, an authentication code will send in an e-mail to the user upon log-in. You must complete the sign-in process in order to enter. Users can also enter a secondary email in order to receive their code and are able to choose a Remember this Browser option for frequently used devices. Both the primary and the secondary addresses will receive the code.

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