CivicPlus Platform Single Sign-On Overview


The CivicPlus Platform Single Sign-On is an authentication solution that improves your user experience and makes your daily interactions with our products easier. The CivicPlus Platform Single Sign-On connects multiple CivicPlus products and allows you to use one set of user credentials to easily move from CivicEngage to CivicRec to CivicReady.

Important Notes

  • All products manage their own respective permissions and access. 
  • Administrators cannot manage passwords within the User Admin tool. Now, users can select Reset in their settings or select Forgot Password? at sign-in to reset their own password. A password reset email will then send to the user with the necessary instructions. 
  • It is a requirement to ensure all users have an email address associated with their account. Non-email usernames are not allowed.
  • Passwords must include three of the following:
    • Uppercase letters
    • Lowercase letters
    • Numbers
    • Special characters
  • Password reset links expire after 24 hours of administrative security purposes. If you wait too long to open the email, you can find a workaround with the Forgot Password function.
  • Two-factor authentication codes expire after 15 minutes for administrative security purposes. 


  • Consolidation: Single Sign-On (SSO) to all your products
  • Strengthened Security
    • Strengthened password and user security
    • Introduction of two-factor authentication (optional)


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