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ADFS Overview


CivicPlus is working to make CivicEngage the easiest to use CMS for local government. As part of that, we’ve added ADFS support to reduce the need and frustrations multiple logins can cause in the workday. Now your users can get right to doing what they need to. On top of that, your IT team will be able to manage users across multiple systems from a single location.


  • Ability to login to the CMS from any device with an Active Directory username and password
  • Auto-account generation
  • Group syncing
  • One-time login for users logged into a domain computer
  • Choose which internal pages and modules are used for ADFS login and which are not
  • Customize the design of your ADFS login page


There is a cost associated with setup and maintenance of an ADFS, for a quote please reach out to your Account Manager. If you do not know who your account manager is, please contact support.


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