Support Update - Facebook & Twitter Changes for 2018


As of May 2018, Facebook and Twitter recently revamped their rules and policies. provides a quick update on how these changes impact users and the steps they will take to help you navigate the new landscape.

For more information on updates, view their blog posts:

Social Media Platforms

Facebook Groups has been recognized as a trusted Facebook partner and will continue to provide posting to Facebook Groups.

On April 5th, Facebook temporarily blocked all apps from accessing and posting to Groups. You may need to log into your account and reconnect your Facebook Groups to reactivate posting.

Twitter & Duplicate Content 

Twitter now prohibits the posting of duplicate original content on the same or multiple Twitter accounts. In order to help you comply with Twitter’s new rules, has updated their checks for duplicate content and will not post original content more than once to Twitter.

View's Retweet Utility for more information on How to Post Retweets to You Directly Control.

Facebook App Authorization 

Facebook will soon require users to reauthorize apps every 90 days. This means you will need to regularly reauthorize to continue to post to your profile, pages, and groups. will send you an alert when you need to reauthorize.

Instagram is developing an integration Instagram with View their blog section on Instagram for more information.

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