Custom IdP Integration


Custom IdP (Identity Provider) Integrations


The Benefits of IdP Integrations

The growing use of enterprise cloud applications in the public sector means local government IT teams are looking to implement single sign-on (SSO) functionality to simplify user access to all web and cloud-based applications without requiring individual authentication.

The CivicPlus Platform’s custom IdP integration capabilities provide your local governments with the following conveniences:

  • Faster and easier access to vital third-party solutions that integrate with their CivicPlus unified applications, such as CivicEngage®, CivicClerk®, and CivicRec®
  • Reduced password fatigue and account maintenance
  • The ability to log into the CivicPlus Platform from any device with a custom IdP username and password
  • Auto-account generation

Simplified and Scalable Enterprise-Level Identity Management

Leveraging our custom IdP integration services allows IT administrators to consolidate the effort of managing and supporting user credentials and identify management solutions. When your local governments utilize our CivicPlus Platform as the foundation for accessing their CivicPlus® solutions, content managers benefit from the elimination of password fatigue, so they can work faster, not harder.

Our custom IdP integrations also mean your identity management strategies will scale as your software stacks and reliance on enterprise cloud-based solutions grow and change. Local governments can trust that they are always benefitting from our most advanced and secure solutions with no upgrades or add-ons required.

Most importantly, you can trust that your civic and citizen data will remain secure and protected from hackers and cybercriminals. 

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