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This article will show you how to create a template in the Integration Hub.


  1. Navigate to the Templates tab

  2. Select the + New Template button

  3. Upload a csv, ics, or json file in Click or drag to add file...

  4. Create a Template Name
    • Note: You must create a unique template name that includes letters, numbers, spaces, -, or _. The name must start and end with a letter or number.

  5. Select a content type from the HCMS Content Type dropdown.
    • Note: Content types pull from the HCMS, learn how to add a new content type
    • Note: Fields for the selected content type will populate automatically after a content type has been selected.

  6. Select a Permission Set
    • Note: Permission Sets populate from the associated HCMS app. A Permission Set is required before saving the template. 

  7. Map fields from the uploaded file (displayed on the left of the screen) to the selected Content Type Fields (displayed on the right of the screen). This can be done in two ways by:
    • Dragging and dropping the field on the left into a content type field on the right

    • Selecting the field from the uploaded file in the drop-down for the selected Content Type field.

    • Note: To see an example for the uploaded file field, just hover over the icon to the left of the chip.

    • Note: Fields from the uploaded file can only be mapped once and content type fields can only contain one field from the uploaded file.
    • Note: The standard Permission Sets, Categories, and Tags fields cannot currently be mapped to fields from the uploaded file and will be the same for all content items imported with this template (i.e. all content will be created with the Permission Set as defined in the template).

  8. Select relevant Categories
    • Note: Categories populate from the associated HCMS app like Permission Sets but this field is not required for creating a template.

  9. Type out and add Tags

  10. Scroll up and select Save Template

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