Custom Text Input Fields


Custom text input fields are highly flexible, and you can interact with them in a few ways. You can type in them to set a “literal value” for that field that will be the same for every item created in your actions through this integration.


The provided chips can also be dragged and dropped into the custom text field.


This maps the information from your trigger field into the action field. You can have one or more chips in the custom text input fields. These chips can be used in any number of action fields or not at all. To delete a specific chip, click the “x” on the chip. Note that the chips cannot be moved to a different location in the same field or into a different field at this time. If you’ve accidentally dropped your chip into the wrong location, please delete the chip then drag and drop your new chip to the correct place.

You can also use a combination of both text and chips in the custom text input fields.


This can be accomplished by typing around the chips and/or dragging and dropping the chips within the text. The cursor in the field will tell you where the chip will be dropped. This will provide a blend of both literal and mapped values in a single field. You can use standard keyboard shortcuts in these fields such as Ctrl+a to select everything or Ctrl+z to undo. To delete everything in the field you just need to highlight everything in the field manually or using Ctrl+a and then deleting.

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