CivicReady Subscriber Action


This article will show you how to utilize CivicReady as a subscriber action.


Step 1

After choosing CivicReady as an action and selecting your credentials, you can choose whether you want to send a notification or take action on a subscriber.


If you choose Subscriber, there will be an additional field to choose what type of action to make. Currently, there is only the option to Create a Subscriber, but other options will be available in the future.



Step 2 for CivicReady Subscriber Action

If you choose Subscriber for CivicReady, there are three required fields. You’ll want to map up what trigger fields you want to use for the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address fields. You can also map up a phone number if desired, though this field is not required.


In the “Groups to Subscribe To” dropdown, the first items listed will be your CivicReady groups. Choosing one or more of these options will add the subscribers created through this integration to each of the chosen groups.

After your CivicReady groups, you’ll see options that start with “From Trigger –". These options allow you to set this field based on the data provided in your Trigger. This makes most sense if there is a field in the trigger that has the same options as the field in the action (i.e. a field in your HCMS content type that matches the group names in CivicReady, or if your Notify Me categories matched the group names in CivicReady).

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