Creating a Credential

Organization Owners can create new credentials by selecting the “+ New Credential” button from the Credentials listing screen.

When the “+ New Credential” button is selected, a dialog will be shown.


In this dialog, you can create a name for your credential. This name can be anything, but we recommend using a word or phrase that clearly describes what this credential is for.

The access groups field contains the groups for your organization that are defined and managed in the Platform. You can choose one or more groups who can have access to this group. If a group is not selected, only you and other org owners will have access to set up integrations using this credential.

The third field immediately shown on the dialog is the Product field. Here you will find a list of the products currently available for you to create credentials for. The remaining options will auto-populate based on your product selection.

When you have completed all required fields, you can save your credential by selecting the "Create" button at the bottom of the dialog. If at any time you want to cancel and/or leave the dialog, you can select the “Cancel” button at the bottom, select the “x” at the top, or simply click outside of the dialog.

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    Gary Wright

    I believe there is a typo in this sentence: "You can choose one or more groups who can have access to this group."

    The last word should be "credential", I think.

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