Creating an Integration


Users can create new integrations by selecting the “+ New Integration” button at the top of the Integration listing screen.

When the “+New Integration” button is selected, users will be brought to the New Integration card screen. If you find yourself on the New Integration card screen when you didn’t intend to, you can return to the integrations list by selecting the “Return to Integrations List” button at the top, navigating back by clicking on the breadcrumb, or by clicking on Integrations option in the Navigation Panel. You can also leave this page by choosing any option in the navigation panel.


On the New Integration card screen, you can select the Simple Integration card to design a basic integration. Simple integrations have a single trigger and action and should be used when you want to sync data.

You can also choose to set up an Advanced integration to set up a custom, highly-configurable integration. Advanced integrations include a single trigger with as many actions and conditionals you choose.

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