HCMS Credentials


For HCMS Credentials, you will need the following information:


The app name is the name of your HCMS app that is displayed on the card when you go to https://content.civicplus.com. Or in the URL of your HCMS after “https://content.civicplus.com/app/”

In most situations, the Base URL will be https://content.civicplus.com

If you don’t have the Client ID and Client Secret from your HCMS, here is documentation on how you can view, add, and modify your HCMS Client IDs and Client Secrets. Note that you will need to set appropriate permissions to this client based on how you’ll be using the credentials. If you will be using this client information for just triggering integrations, any level of access "Reader" or higher will be enough. If you will also be using this credential for actions in your integrations, then you will need to grant the client Author access for submitting content/files, or the Publisher or Owner access for publishing content/files.

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