Polling for CSV, ICS, JSON, and XML as a Trigger


Integration Hub supports polling integrations for CSV, ICS, JSON, and XML. For these polling integrations, lntegration Hub will send a request to a designated URL for new events (i.e. when content is created, modified, deleted, etc.) at a specified frequency and trigger the integration when there is a new event.



When choosing Polling as a trigger, you will first need to enter a URL for Integration Hub to poll. After you enter the URL, you will see a loading indicator after which the remaining fields will be populated.

In most situations, the type will be auto-populated from the URL you provided. If it is not, please choose one of the following for the type: CSV, ICS, JSON, or XML.


You will then need to specify what field(s) should be used to deduplicate content. The specified field or combination of fields should be unique for each item created and prevents this integration from creating duplicate items in your action location every time your integration runs. ICS provides a Unique ID (UID) for each item, so we deduplicate all ICS content based on the UID and you will be unable to modify this field for ICS polling types.

The final field to configure is the Interval field. You should specify in minutes how frequently Integration Hub should poll your designated URL for new events. The default is 60 minutes with a minimum interval of 15 minutes and no maximum setting.

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