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Grant Access to Izenda Reporting

Who can use this feature?

Organization Owners



This article will show you how to grant Izenda Reporting access to a group.



  1. To select a group, go to the Organization or the Administrative Settings page for your organization.

  2. Click on the Reporting tab.

  3. When clicking on the Reporting tab, it will expand and provide an autocomplete Reporting Access dropdown for you to select a group.

  4. Start typing the name of the group you want to provide access to and select the group.
    • Note: Only one group can be chosen, but you can change the group that has access if needed. If there is no group selected, only organization owners will have access to Izenda.
    • Note: No options will be visible until at least three characters have been typed. It is easiest if you know exactly what group you want to select before updating this setting.

  5. Click Save Changes at the top of the page

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