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The History Log provides transparency on activities performed by administrative users in CP Notify. The History Log records who performs one of the following actions and when the action was performed. 

  • Subscription lists are created, updated, or deleted
  • Settings and templates are updated
  • Pending messages are modified or canceled
  • Permissions are granted or removed

The summary also links to specific lists or content items. Users can also export the history log to CSV.



  1. Navigate to your organizations CP Notify site
    • Note: CP Notify can be found within the CivicPlus Platform at http://notifications.civicplus.com/[orgname]/admin
  2. Select History on the left-hand side
  3. View the History Log

  4. Perform any desired actions
    • Download CSV: Download an Excel report
    • View Columns: Choose to view only Summary or Action Date or both
    • Filters: Choose to filter by start and ending Action Date

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